AISHWARYA SANCHETY is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer, based in London.




What does a memory look like?
How do we remember?
Why do we remember the way we do?

We often use photos as a placeholder for a memory – as proxies that build narratives. Temporary Sense of Displacement is a visual archaeology of analogue photographs taken in London during 2021-23.

The book looks at pictures and re-remembering. It’s about creating an emotion, evoking nostalgia, and reconstructing the invisible picture through altered images. These are details from places I’ve visited, reflections of places I found refuge. The images explore the complicated feeling of home and investigate the sense of displacement one feels moving cities. This feeling of displacement feels temporary when documented, and the result leaves room for interpretation.

These experimentations blur the boundaries between reality and imagination to explore how we remember. Memories that want to be remembered and not be remembered, sometimes all at once and sometimes in pieces or fragments, memories that may be out-of-focus or even forgotten but continuously evolving. The photographs are laid out to create a never-ending narrative, where the final picture doesn’t feel like the last one, but it sends you back to the beginning and leaves an opening to yet another chapter.

field    Editorial Design, Book Design, Photography
team   Aishwarya Sanchety, CSM Publications