AISHWARYA SANCHETY is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer, based in London.




Maison Foolery is an accessories brand created from the needs and use of its creators - the poducts are handcrafted, simple and made for longevity. The logo design encompasses this process - the joy that goes into the making; while we break away from the seriousness.

The brand imagery took a modern and quirky approach to an otherwise minimal identity to bring out the playfulness of their hand marble dyeing process. The marbled print is an original that I hand dyed/ hand marbled on paper to complement the marbling patterns on the leather accessories. I’ve used this print on the branding collaterals.  Since the pattern is hand dyed, it makes the pattern unique and one that cannot be replicated. Same goes for the products, each pattern on each piece is unique - some vast, some more dense, some are intricate but they’re all fluid and free.

field    Branding, Visual Identity, Logo Design
team   Aishwarya Sanchety